About us

CEO and Founder of TakeOff Engineering GmbH Dr. Sebastian Muschelknautz is a mechanical engineer from Munich, Germany. He received his PhD on a plant safety subject at the famous Institute of Thermodynamics at the Technical University Munich.

He spent 26 years with the Linde Group, a world leading engineering and industrial gas company that operates more than 500 large scale process plants. Its engineering division has designed and built plants for many leading operating companies in the world like BASF, Shell, Exxon, Petrochina, Reliance, Sasol, Sabic just to name a few.

Throughout his time with the Linde Group, he was assigned to many different executive management positions ranging from plant safety engineering, over research and development to profit and loss responsibility for project development and project execution.

“During my Linde career I had the chance to develop chemical and petrochemical projects in a very efficient way by focusing on a multidisciplinary workforce with a relatively small number of experts, which have a broad experience and a unique complementary set of skills.” Dr. Sebastian Muschelknautz

In order to advance this concept further, he decided to leave Linde at the end of 2015 and founded his own company TakeOff Engineering GmbH.

TakeOff Engineering GmbH works with a team of Managing Experts from around the world. The team consists mostly of senior experts from the global process industry. Please click here for more information about the team.