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We are your Engineering Partner for optimisation of existing plants and development of new projects in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.


Our area of expertise:

  • Methanol and Ammonia plants
  • Olefins plants
  • Syngas and Hydrogen plants
  • Gasification/GTL/GTO/MTO plants
  • Adsorption plants
  • Gas/Condensate Recovery plants
  • Chemical and Physical wash systems (Rectisol, aMDEA, Selexol)
  • Post Combustion CO2 Capture plants
  • Separation units (gas, solids, liquids)


Our philosophy is the Big Picture Approach. A team of Managing Experts with a complementary skill set keeps track of the big picture, when going into details of plant analysis and project development. This results in a fast and efficient evaluation of your existing plants and development of your new projects. We offer our EP, EPC, EPCM and EPCF capabilities for the realisation of resulting plant modifications.